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Our Values

Because we know what you expect from us


Our values guide our work and help us in delivering what companies expect of our consultants.


COMPETENCES & EXIGENCY in areas of activity where experience and rigour are essential to success.

CREATIVITY in the problem solving mode. The difficulties that seem to be the most important often find solutions in simple approaches, lacking preconceived ideas and sometimes at odds with ambient certainties. Pooling assets has always been more profitable than pitting the opposing forces against each other.

PROXIMITY & OPERATIONALITY in our mode of intervention. We believe that it is essential to stand by those who act to increase the relevance of the solutions provided.

DISCRETION & CONFIDENTIALITY in our behaviour, which are all signs of respect for our customers and their employees. These are the values that drive our work and make AMPW & Associés a different player in the consulting sector. We know that the trust placed in us by Major Groups must be constantly earned. This is what we strive to achieve on a daily basis in our work

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