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Retirement & Insurance Plans

Social welfare is an issue that places the company at the centre of both social and economic responsibility.

While legal regimes are disengaging due to a lack of resources, Executives and HRDs are questioning the role and limits of the company's action. Because we are totally independent of social security operators, we know that the company's commitment must be conceived in a responsible way in order to ensure the sustainability of the schemes put in place.

Because we are totally independent of social protection operators, we know that the price paid must be fair and that both the company and employees must be demanding of professionals in the sector. Therefore AMPW & Associés has focused its action on the following areas :

  • The audit of social protection systems (health care costs, supplementary pension provision),

  • Support for companies in the implementation of social security schemes/systems or their optimisation,

  • Analysis of the technical and economic performance of the existing regimes.


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