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Our Consulting Firm

Since 1992, some of the largest French and international companies have trusted us to accompany them through their change processes, their organization and their compensation policy, a trust that we cherish and take pride in. The experience accumulated over these years allows us to provide real added value in problem analysis and solutions for a wide range of sectors of activity.

Founded by Sidney Abitbol, Elisabeth Morin, Gustave Peltzer and Parker Wallace, our firm has, from the outset, chosen to specialise and provide expertise in the fields of structural and human resources development. Our firm combines technical, actuarial and organisational skills that enable us to assist large groups in their ambitions to create value for people and organisations through:

  • Structural reorganization and efficiency improvement.

  • Implementation of compensation and profit-sharing policies (profit sharing, savings plan, stock options…),

  • Workforce management (optimization of work hours),

  • Restructuring of distribution networks

  • Evaluation of life insurance schemes

  • Review of retirement plans        

  • Evaluation of employee benefits obligations

The commitment to expertise and specialization

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