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Emblematic Missions

Strategy & Operations

  • Strategic analysis and research in differential positioning for one of the French leaders in the distribution of cultural and electronic products

  • Strategic plan and translation into an operational action plan for one of the world leaders in dairy derivatives

  • Management of the social aspect in the context of a sale of a telephone operator, leader on the French market

  • Assistance to Executives in the Banking/Insurance sector in redefining their distribution structures

  • Supporting a Press and Communication group in its digital transformation

  • Strategic plan for a high-end hospital to develop French and international patients

Retirement &

Insurance Plans

  • Audit of social protection schemes of the leading French courier company, in order to optimise the ratio of guarantees to contributions

  • Launch of a call for tenders to improve the social protection system of a public advertising company

  • Implementation of a complementary pension system (optimization of contribution rates and calls for tenders) in a Large Distribution/Retail Group

  • Retirement/Pension estimates and impacts of a defined benefit plan for a service company

  • Conducting a call for tenders for Healthcare and Personal Protection Expenses for a Group of more than 25,000 employees


Compensation & Fringe Benefits

  • Implementation of a remuneration system for the commercial network of an international leader in Insurance (1500 commercial advisors in France)

  • Development of a performance bonus for the sales staff of a Parisian department store to meet and support the objectives of high-end repositioning

  • Definition of an incentive compensation system for one of the leaders in French luxury leather goods, in order to involve employees in the result as effectively as possible while controlling the economic envelopes distributed.

  • Search for ways to control / optimize the wage bill for different Large Groups with suggested action plans

  • In the context of a merger/acquisition in the world of digital real estate, development of a remuneration system for networks integrating new offers, resizing of staff and perimeters and the different hierarchical levels

  • Implementation of an employee shareholding plan for one of the French leaders in the real estate development sector

Organizational Efficiency

  • Reorganisation of Bank/Insurance sales networks in the context of a merger

  • Re-architecture of the organization of a leader in digital communication following the acquisition of the second largest company of the market

  • Reorganisation of the HR and Finance structures of a private hospital group (123 establishments) following the establishment of a Shared Service Centre (SSC)

  • Reorganisation of working time in the hospital sector in order to optimise the quality of care and the number of staff present

  • Optimization of the structures of a collective management organization by redefining the roles and responsibilities of the main actors and work processes

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