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Cultural sponsorship

Private exhibition of the works of Jeanne "La Couleur la Vie"

28 Novembre 2013 












"With Jeanne it is above all a story of friendship.
This friendship was born randomly from a look on a painting in a street in Nantes.
The line, the look, the color... strange sensations of proximity with this universe of emotions sometimes turbid, always without concession.
So I wanted to get to know the painter.

The gaze is bright, benevolent, mischievous. The interest for the other is constant, both greedy and curious, words are so many colours that reveal an assumed fragility.
So the friendship for the canvas rubbed off on the painter and it is this friendship that I would like to share with you. »



The exhibition will take place on January 19, 2016 from 6pm to 10pm

at 34 rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris

(cocktail in the presence of the artist)


I started painting seventeen years ago following the meeting with Jean Bouron in Nantes, who opened his studio for me and revealed my need to create.

My works are a way of connecting me to the other through their sensitivity and intimacy.

The characters emerge from our time to freeze in timelessness. The enjoyment of consumer society is then transformed into sacred art through a kind of contemporary stained glass suggested by the installation of a resin.

We often find a double reading that reveals a barely visible universe in the background. This juxtaposition symbolizes duality; cohabitation of the carnal with the spiritual, of the past with the present.


References to our cultural heritage highlight the notion of connection, of transmission. Then the expression of our hidden side, of our paradoxes, may appear.

Femininity and sensuality are my main sources of inspiration, translated into postures and looks that speak and expose themselves. A still image thus suspends time by the force of an emotion.


The power of colour is used greedily to echo our inner vibrations. At the heart of my painting, I seek to capture the infinite moments of depth and sensual abandonment that make life playful and disturbing, that invite to the pleasure of the senses.

Already exhibited in La Baule, Nantes, Paris, Brussels, Carmelgalerie le temple du goût, galerie du Rayon Vert, galerie la découverte,

Opera Gallery, Valmay gallery rue de Seine, Marciano gallery place des Vosges,

Rollebeek gallery, Mongemery fine art.

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