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Periodic survey on the remuneration of sales teams

How to compensate sales teams in times of crisis?
















While distribution is going through a difficult period, most often marked by a contraction in turnover, the compensation of sales teams appears to be central to the control of sales policies.

  • Should variable policies be adapted to objectives?

  • Will fixed salaries be reviewed?

  • Do sales team salaries remain competitive?

  • How can variable mechanisms be developed to adapt to a sustainable crisis?

These are all themes that will arise with sharpness

This study is for you the opportunity to :


  • Compare yourself on the market for sales team compensation

  • Take stock of variable practices and their likely evolution

  • Take an informed position for the coming seasons on the adaptation of wage policy.


This study will be presented individually and will be accompanied by a specific analysis positioning your company.

Presentation of the study

  • A survey covering more than 100 distribution networks in all sectors:

    • Textile

    • DIY

    • Department stores

    • Luxury

    • Culture and leisure

    • And so on...

  • Who are the populations targeted by the survey?

    • Sellers

    • 1st salespeople and assistants

    • Store managers

    • Store managers

    • Department managers / department managers

    • Regional Managers

  • What are the specificities integrated into the analyses?

    • Turnover level per shop

    • Turnover level per m2

    • Sales structure of the points of sale

    • Sector of activity

    • Network size

    • Customer target and positioning

    • Type of distribution channel

    • Hourly productivity

  • What elements of compensation are taken into account?

    • The fixed salary

    • Salary supplements

    • The premiums

    • The variable (amount - base - mechanism - assessment)

    • The fees

    • Participation and profit-sharing

    • Other employee benefits (company mutual insurance, supplementary pension, supplementary retirement)

  • What are the analyses performed? 

    • Conjuncture and current events:

      • State of play of sales team compensation

      • Analysis of the issues raised by market developments

      • Evolutions of the planned variable systems

      • Attitude towards the fixed salary

    • Compensation Benchmark

      • Comparison of total compensation and compensation by component (fixed, bonuses, variables, profit-sharing, incentives, other...)

      • Positioning your company in terms of:

        • Compensation comparison by population and competitiveness

        • Problematic around variable pay

        • Resistance level of the practiced variable mechanism

      • Evaluation of existing variable mechanisms

      • Possible areas of development


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