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How to successfully set up the Social and Economic Committee ?

5 key points to success


  • Clarify the objectives and benefits of the CSE

    • Less time spent in meetings

    • End of separate consultations on the same projects

    • Simplify the functioning of the instances to be more efficient


  • State of play of the number of elected officials, credits of hours to break the image of "the loss of means".

    • Have all the hours credits been used up?

    • As alternates no longer come to meetings, small departments will not be disorganized


  • Enhance the possibility of tailor-made solutions

    • Local representatives

  • Propose measures for the career management of employee representatives

    • Especially with the reduction in the number of mandates, the reintegration of current elected officials can be a subject for negotiation.


  • Define the points to be negotiated and the points to be defended

    • Possibility of making concessions on the number of mandates granted (higher than the labour code)​​

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