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Unique Database - Day organized in partnership with Eversheds

November 6, 2014 

Additional constraint for the company or real mechanism of the social relationship?


The obligations related to the implementation of the Single Database have been in force since 14 June 2014 for companies with at least 300 employees.


Beyond a simple list of information intended to "document" the social relationship, the Single Database (S.D.U.) is part of a procedure that involves the company in its relationship with the social authorities.


  • Identify the content of the BDU,


  • To question the formalism and "intelligence" of the presentation of the information transmitted,


  • Anticipate the legal implications in the context of the various procedures that may be carried out by the company,


  • Make the BDU a new tool for social communication,



These are all topics that we propose to discuss with you at our meeting on 6 November at 8:30 am, at Eversheds' premises (8 place d'Iéna - 75116 Paris), in the presence of companies that have already carried out their own experience.

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