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Can equal treatment of executives and non-executives challenge

companies' pension schemes?

October 2010
















Information meeting: October 15-20, 2010

The questioning of categorical advantages is becoming a reality in the French legal landscape.


Can this situation impact the pension and retirement plans of our companies?

The legal, economic and social stakes are quite significant


  • What are the legal grounds for challenging categorical business benefits?

  • Should we really fear a binding evolution and can it concern the pension and retirement systems?

  • What are the precedents in French law and what have been the implementation mechanisms?

  • Will we have to review the current agreements and the related financial commitments?

  • How to assess the economic impact for the company?

  • What are the levers for managing economic risk?

  • What procedure should be implemented to limit the risk?

The subjects addressed during the information meeting

  • Background and milestones in the treatment of categorical benefits

  • What are the risks of questioning the current system and should we fear an extension of equal treatment to company pension plans?

  • Who can challenge the failure to respect equal treatment in the company?

  • What should we do about this eventuality?

  • Can we predict the financial consequences of a categorical homogenization of pension plans on the company?

  • What levers can be used to manage the financial consequences?

  • What should we expect from Pension Institutions and Insurance Organisations?

  • What are the main steps in an operational approach?

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